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The future of English:
summary of various forms

When you first started learning English you were probably told that the 'future tense' was formed by adding will to the infinitive.
(I will = I'll go, She will = She'll be late, etc.)

Later on you learned about  going to as a possible alternative future tense, and later still you learned that present tense can also be used with a future meaning.

Let's now summarize some common possible expressions of the future in English:

I'll see you in the office tomorrow.
Straightforward (neutral), statement, often personal

'going to'
I'm going to buy that car
Statement of intention, usually in the near future

Tanggapan mengenai Cinta

Mungkin akan tiba saatnya dimana kamu harus berhenti mencintai seseorang, bukan karena orang itu berhenti mencintai kita, melainkan karena kita menyadari bahwa orang itu akan lebih berbahagia apabila kita melepaskannya - Kahlil Gibran

Kadangkala orang yang paling mencintaimu adalah orang yang tak pernah menyatakan cintanya padamu karena orang itu takut kau berpaling dan menjauhinya. Dan bila dia suatu masa hilang dari pandanganmu….kau akan menyadari dia adalah cinta yang tidak pernah kau sadari… - Kahlil Gibran

Belajar Bahasa Inggris yuk! Let's Learn English :D #answerkey1c

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1| For our summer vacation, we've rented a villa on a beautiful Greek island.
2| I deserve to be treated with more respect than this.
3| The police were going to charge him with several crimes, but he's disappeared.
4| Under different circumstances, I'd love to come to your party, but my ex-lover will be there.
5| What are you staring at?
6|I don't like movies with a lot of violences in them, I prefer romantic movies and comedies.
7| All my possessions were stolen, I was so sad. The tears were running down my face.

yeah, It's easy, isn't it? How many score do you get? :D
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