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KRISTI: I really (1)admire your ideas, Annie, and the way you (2)express yourself. I read that great article of yours in Earth First.
ANNIE: Which one was that?
KRISTI: The one called "Gender and (3)Ecology."
ANNIE: Ah, yeah. I was quite pleased with that, I must say.
KRISTI: And it made me think I really wanted to meet you. I even dreamt that we might become friends (4)someday. We have so much in common.
ANNIE: Maybe, We'll see. So what do you do then, Kristi, if you're not a journalist or a cop?
KRISTI: I work as a sort of personal assistant to my father. I do (5)translations of business documents, and I (6)interpret for him at meetings and look after his (7)correspondence. I hate it, though. He's so conservative and (8)right-wing. It goes against everything I believe in. If I were (9)braver. I'd just walk out.

yeah, It's easy, isn't it? How many score do you get? :D
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? carilah artinya atau maknanya di kamus, google translate dan google search engine. 

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