Belajar Bahasa Inggris yuk! Let's Learn English :D #exercise1c

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Complete the sentences using words from the VOCABULARY1 list.
Change the forms when necessary.

1| For our summer vacation, we've rented a villa on a beautiful ______ island.
2| I ______ to be ______ with more respect than this.
3| The police were going to ______ him with several crimes, but he's ______.
4| Under different ______, I'd love to come to your party, but my ______ will be there.
5| What are you ______ at?
6|I don't like movies with a lot of ______ in them, I prefer romantic movies and comedies.
7| All my ______ were stolen, I was so sad. The ______ were running down my face.
Have you done? 
You can't find the answers on Google guys :D
Let's see the ANSWERKEY 1C

? carilah artinya atau maknanya di kamus, google translate dan google search engine. 

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